Master Melodie Lopez grew up in Vacaville CA and attended Vacaville High School through the first part of 10th grade, then moved to Santa Rosa CA where she began studying martial arts. 

For the first eight months she attended a school that was a mixture of styles, then moved on to a more traditional art, Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do, training in her instructors’ garage from 1979-1989, earning her 1st degree black belt in January 1989.  In 1990 she transferred to the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) which is a world-wide organization of over 150,000 members under the founder, the late Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin. Through the WTSDA she earned her 2nd degree black belt in 1992, 3rd degree black belt in 1995, and is currently a 4th degree black belt Master since 2017.

Master Melodie Lopez began teaching for her instructor in Santa Rosa in 1996 and had a small club of her own as well. She moved back to Vacaville in 2003 and taught in her garage through 2007. She again returned home to Vacaville in 2010 after an out of state move and continued teaching at various locations.  She has now found the perfect location at 773 E. Monte Vista Avenue where she plans on staying and expanding her teaching to help more people enjoy the unique benefits of martial arts training.

In November 2019 she married the love of her life and best friend, Bob Hyland and is now Master Melodie Hyland.

Other interests:  Master Hyland worked in the County schools in special education as a para-educator for over ten years in Solano County and in Pennsylvania.  Although she really enjoyed working with children with special needs, she decided to focus solely on teaching martial arts which has always been her passion.